Monday, 21 November 2011

Lab Session Four

In lab four, we moved on from coursework one and started our blogs for coursework three. Before this however, we were given a PowerPoint presentation about the nature of blogging in order to prepare us for our task. To finish off, we were given a talk about coursework two and shown examples of the type of questions we could use.

I learned how to set up my own blog and about the different companies the offered to host them, including Blogger which i eventually ended up using. I also got more info on the Harvard referencing system and how to use citations properly in my report.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Lab Session Three

In lab three, our lab tutor held more one to ones where he went around the classroom looking at our task two pieces of work from coursework one. In addition to this we started work on task three of coursework after our lab tutor talked us through the questions and made sure we understood it all.

In this lab session I learnt the importance of having in introduction to start off pieces of work. I also learnt the difference between product testing and a product evaluation. And lastly, I learnt how easily the user requirements for a product can change the aesthetics and functions of the product being made.

Lab Session Two

In lab two, we watched a presentation that was about user-centred design and factors that surround what makes a product well designed. I also wrapped up work on my first task of coursework one and started my second task of coursework two. After this we had one to ones with our tutor on the first task of coursework one. 

I learnt about the importance of making sure that my design takes into account things such as accessibility, ease of use, simplicity and making sure that my design is aesthetically pleasing. I also learnt that I should make sure that my design includes a mechanism that allows the user to be give feedback on my Interaction TV system.

Lab Session One

In lab one, we got to class and met our tutor for the module for the first time. After this we began to discuss the specifics of task one of the first coursework, and finally to finish off the session we did an exercise in which we tried to gain an in-depth look on what the context and motivation was for a user using an interactive TV system and one using an computer.

From this I learned about technical drawings and how they are used in the planning stages of product design, I learnt about users and how they in different contexts use their products in different ways.