Monday, 16 January 2012

Lab session Eleven

In this Lab session we talked about the presentation element of coursework three, of how we would have to give a three slide powerpoint presentation on our report. After this our lab turour came round and looked at the final versions of both our reports and our blogs, i was completely up to date so everything was fine with me.

I learnt about what makes a good presentation, such as looking at the audience instead of staring down at the words on a screen behind us or at a paper with the words we'd be reading out.

Lab Session Ten

In this Lab session I brought with me my first draft of my report, it had everything but an annotated bibliography and an abstract. I spent most of the lab session on the internet hunting down resources that I could add to my report.

During this lab my lab tutor recommended that I use Google scholar to find journal articles, so a significant portion of my time was spent learning to use it. I also learned about the concept of an annotated bibliography, and what it is used for (primarily providing the reader with a summary of the sources that I am using.)

Lab Session Nine

By this lab session I had gotten my results and so started to process them, I decided to put them into an excel spread sheet so I could view them all and have velar view of the relationships between my many pieces of data. Me and my lab tutor held a discussion about the relationships between the data I had produced, giving me ideas about what I could use during the discussions portion of my report.

In this lab session I learnt about the relationships between different pieces of data and how to draw conclusions from them, I also learnt to try and look at data from as many angles as possible in order to make sure that I’m not just extracting the conclusion that fits my hypothesis.

Lab Session Eight

In this lab session I brought in my new and improved pitch for my research project, my lab tutor approved of it, so I spent most of my time in this lab designing the questionnaire that I would be using to carry out my research project. At the same time as this our lab tutor showed examples of reports from other students, in order to make sure that we knew what to do.

I took time to learn how to create a well-made questionnaire, this involved learning about leading questions and what to do in order to avoid them. I also gained an even clearer view on what the structure of my report would be.

Lab Session Seven

This lab took place during a reading week, so I didn’t have a lab session, what I did instead of my lab was to catch up on my blog. I caught up with my posts, and also started to use both labels (or as they're more widely known as tags) and gadgets (or as they're more widely known as plugins)

I learnt about major things, the use of labels on my blog posts which can be used to allow my reader to filter through my posts and only pick the ones that are labelled with a certain buzzword. I also learnt about gadgets and how they can be used to add more content to your blog, I decided to use a technology news gadget.

Lab Session Six

In this Lab session I brought forth my research question that I had gotten by looking in my book, from this I created a paragraph pitch, that acted as a preview to the work I would looking into for coursework two. The central core of my research idea was to use interviews to see which brand of mobile App store that users prefer. Using this I held a discussion with my tutor about my idea and began to refine it.

I learnt to my research idea shouldn’t be too broad, that in order to make use of my time in the best possible way I should focus my work, so I decided to look at only two brands of mobile App store and I decided to use a questionnaire instead of an interview due to its time saving attributes.

Lab Session Five

In lab five, we had a presentation about both of coursework two and coursework three. During this, we talked in more detail about what may make a person not want to read your blog, on both the grammatical side and the design choices side of things. We also had a discussion on what our research for coursework two could be about, and began to look through the mark scheme and format for it. 

I learned about the poor design choices that can put a reader off from reading your blog, such as having unreadable writing, clashing colours, GIFs and music automatically paying the background. i also found out the definitions of the words that would make the heading for coursework two, such as abstract and appendix.